Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Super Hero Dad Father's Day Party

This Father's Day the gingers unite with their Super Hero Dad's and Grandad's to practice saving the world once again. You never can tell when you will find yourself in a laser beam field unable to move or sitting on your couch watching the Kardashians, surrounded by mountains of toys with no sign of a remote in site. You never can be too prepared. So... Super Dads Assemble!
The first assembly of super hero dads.
Super dad's and grandpa's with all the kiddos.
Batdad and Supergirl!
Iron Grandpa and Wonder Baby!
Captain America and Super Grover!
Super Heros Assemble!!!
Batman gives us his best 'If looks could kill' face.
Wonder Baby is ready for her closeup.
Claire by day and Super Girl by afternoon sometime.
Papa Darrell used to be one of the gingers long ago.
Just incase you didn't know what Iron Grandpa looks like.
Someone else didn't want to be left out of the assembly.
Papa Darrell and Super Girl save the day!
This is how you catch some air.
On to the Super Dad obstacle course. 
Ready, set, GO!
First the dad's were paired with kids, then they had to race themselves
and the kiddos thru the laser beam field without breaking a string.
Easier said than done with this crew.
Then they had to race back to the toy bin where the dad's had to
find 'the remote' before racing to the finish line.
Super Girl was one of the winners!
Super Grover flys through the air with the greatest of ease.
After the Super Dad agility contest Papa Darrell
gives the little heros a marksman lesson. 
Apparently those two run the town.
Great-Grandpa Joe stopped by to try his hulk cupcake,
 he used to be a ginger too you know.
Now off to save the world!
The End.

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