Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farmer's Market

What's more perfect in the summer time than a playhouse and a farmer's market. Everett finally got his playhouse assembled (it's taken a while, he's only one and a half you know). Luke, Claire and Ava were more than ready to sell some goods they picked from the garden. (Pay no attention to the McDonald's cash register, I know it defeats the purpose, we just use what we have.) In all it turned out to be a day of fruit, veggies and fun.

The first ginger farmer's market is officially open for business.

Thankfully the gingers are their own best clients.
Everett pays for his apple but not before taking his first bite to make sure he's getting his money's worth.
Sporting his blue slicker boots and manly carrot apron.
If you want a basket of goodies you'll have to have the correct change.
There is nothing carrot tops love more than carrots.
Ava is really happy she just got  her  teeth.
Now for a sampling of some fresh cherries.
The one downside is that sometimes it takes a while for these two to ring up your items. But you are almost certain to get a heck of a deal in the end.
Heirloom seeds just 10 cents each, while supplies last.
On to the garden market to pick their own veggies and have a fantastic meal.

Giant turnip!
Claire tending to the garden.
Everett's turnip.
Now, it's time for a snack or two.

Berry parfaits.
Checking out the spread.
In watermelon heaven.
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  1. Love this! All the pictures are awesome...You should start your own magazine...
    You two are great moms and your kids are going to have alot of fun memories of growing up "Ginger" and they have you to thank!