Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fighting Irish

The stage is set for an epic fight.
The 'Jolly Mean Giant' looking ominous in his corner.

Brock N. Bones looking a little overwhelmed.

The lovely ring girl Patty O'Cakes announces the first round.
The Fighting Irish bout is underway.

The Giant rains down blows but Brock stands his ground.

Then Brock gets hungry, so he begs the girls for a snack.

Round one comes to an end and is scored as a tie.

Patty brings the boys some refreshments.

And some mean green punch.

Ava wants to get the fight started again. Round two!

Jab, duck, swing, jab, duck.

This is quite an entertaining match.

Round two ends with the Giant victorious.

Still one more round to go. The crowd is hooked.
Patty is on the edge of her seat with excitement.
The unthinkable happens. Brock hits the Giant with an uppercut knocking him to the ground. Round three goes to Brock N. Bones.
The judges score the fight as a tie and award both their trophy's.
A life of fame and riches. Such is the life of the ginger.
Happy St. Patrick's Day. May the luck of the Irish be with you!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Camping Cousins

January brings cold weather and a lot of days stuck indoors. However, it presents a perfect time to really break in all of those new Christmas toys that are begging to be played with. Everett got a new camping set from Darst for Christmas and it sparked a need for a campout with the cousins to properly break in these new gadgets. All it took was a few pieces of wood, some flannel material and recycled Halloween/Christmas lights to create the bones for this indoor campsite. The kids could hardly contain their excitement as the finished campsite was revealed to them in my sisters upstairs playroom. But lets face it, even I would be stoked to go to a party in my jammies and eat smore's without the fear of frostbite;)
The McGee playroom was transformed into an indoor campsite. The playroom's chalkboard wall was transformed into the woods at night and the sky was bright with stars (Christmas lights) and the moon (a chinese lantern filled with lights).

Each cousin got their own tent or TeePee. They had great fun checking out what was in their special space.
Who can resist chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers? Not this chipmunk.
Just sittin' around the campfire. The faux fire was made by placing orange Halloween lights under some yellow, orange and red tissue paper. I couldn't convince Everett that it wasn't hot. He knows a good fire when he sees one.
The kids really loved these tents. They were easy to construct and you can use any material you choose. We used flannel and some sewn together handkerchiefs.
Ava in her pigtails and long underwear.
Everett and Luke trying to make hot cocoa.
Getting ready to toast up some marshmallows.
Making some warm cocoa and fryin' up some viddles!
You never know what kind of critters will show up. It was handy the kids had a bug barn and a magnifying glass Everett liked to call 'the mystery'.
The true test of any camper is to see how long they can bond with nature.
Three little bedbugs.
Luke snuggles into his old teepee I made him several years ago for his birthday. Happy camping to all and to all a good night.