Wednesday, April 18, 2012

ELVIS IS ALIVE, and he turned 5!

Without further ado...the wild and crazy and wonderfully entertaining Luke McGee! For Luke's 5th Birthday he wanted a show that was all about himself as Elvis. Trust me when I say this kid can rock! Throw on your bobby socks and tie back that hair turning 5 is an experience all it's own. 

Luke's invite had a little flair and a lot of ginger.
Luke's glowing Elvis sign was made from a recycled TV box, spray paint and some old Christmas lights. Voila! Instant fame.
The party spread moved indoors after a slight rain delay, but all worked out fine.
Gold framed glasses adorned with sideburns 
'Graceland' cupcakes made by Katelyn Schloesser. Chocolate, peanut butter and banana of course. 

We do love a good theme.
and sometimes take it to extremes.
Ava looking down right b-boppin'.
Old mic with some sparkling and delicious treats.
Luke with his Elvis face on.
Let the festivities begin!
Treats and noisemakers for all.
Followed by some light entertainment.
and more treats.
Did I mention strawberry floats with whip cream and a cherry?
Next comes the song and dance.
What Elvis show would be complete without a wailing girl? I know a little too authentic right?
Grandpa Darrell showing the kids how to wear their shades.
Little Elvis with his perma-grin.
Sideburns run in the family.
What party would be complete without a pinata?
Thank you all, thank you very much.


  1. Erin this was AMAZING!!! I can't believe how much fun this looks and I know he will NEVER forget this birthday! You are such a good mommy!