Thursday, August 23, 2012

Amazing Ava's First Birthday Circus Extravaganza!

Come one come all see spectacular feats of strength, death-defying acts, and miraculous illusions performed at The Amazing Ava's First Birthday Circus Extravaganza! Ava's first birthday was a party filled with strange and exotic circus performers and sweet treats. Now join us as we take a trip through the circus extravaganza.

The Amazing Ava dressed for her birthday debut.
Definitely a little creepy but you must buy a ticket to enter the circus.
The entire circus crew gathers together for a celebratory photo before the festivities begin.
Bozo (aka Cleck) serves up her specialty, cotton candy.
The treats are in place ready for the snacking and general merriment to commence.
A little soda pop to calm the nerves before the big show.
A carmel apple to settle the stomach.
The circus face painter Charlotta shows us some of her recent handy work.
Incase you are wondering, yes, they are real.
Hotdogs and popcorn to give strength and sharpness of mind.
These two love birds (the Ring Master and the Bearded Lady) share a soda for good luck. 
(I know what your thinking, and yeah they have kids).
The Amazing Ava's Circus Extravaganza has now begun.
The star of the show, Ava!
 A magnificent display of strength by Everett the strong man.
Luke the Magician tries his hand at some games before his act later in the show.
The Dazzling Claire Bear rides her trick pony Toby to win over the audience
 all while checking out her awesome star boots.
The strong man checks out the duck pond to see if all the ducks are still afloat.

Esmerelda the palm reader delivers strange and mysterious fortunes
to those who step inside her tent.
Magician Luke and his lovely assistant Claire Bear perform the
disappearing sister illusion during The Amazing Ginger Magic Show.
The half horse, half man makes an appearance at the photo booth to take pictures 
with anyone who dares. For a small fee of course.
Fufu and Jaque get ready for their clown act.
The world renown Zebra Woman and her devoted trainer Pierre VonStripes.
Andi's circus of fleas bring the crowd to their knees with shouts of delight.
Toby smiles that award winning smile.
The fearless snake handler reaches barehanded into a bag of rattlesnakes.
The crowd gasps! 
Ava gasps! Cupcake!

Ava will now attempt to make the entire cupcake disappear.

She does her act with pizazz.
Even the strongman is amazed.
After the star performance the half horse, half man and magician Luke kick back and tell some jokes like old times.

The McGee family all together under one tent, they truly were destined for show biz.
After an amazing show the Amazing Ava unwraps some presents clowns around with the rest of the crew. Happy Birthday Amazing Ava!


  1. OMG! This is definitely my favorite so far. Everett is perfect as strong man:)